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Father Father!


Fathers Day Celebration started in the Middle Ages by the”Catholic Church as the feast of Saint Joseph. The celebration was brought to America by the Spanish and the Portuguese. It was inaugurated in the early 20th century to complement Mothers Day.

If you are familiar with the story of creation, you will understand how important fathers are. When I say fathers,  I am not only talking about men that have fathered children but all men including growing young boys that will someday become fathers them self.

When you think of Fathers Day what memory comes to mind? for me the first memory is a picture of My father and my Father-In-Law, laughing at my wedding, dressed in the same Nigerian Traditional “Agbada” :). Two great men that have impacted my life in their own unique ways, without even knowing it.

My Dad, Comrade G. O Uluocha,  a true gentleman. Rose from nothing, orphaned at 11months, grew up fast and mostly alone but found his path in the world. He has traveled the world (about 135 countries), dined with Kings and Queens, served in the highest committee in  Nigerian Government under the Presidency but yet so humble, kind-hearted and sweet spirited. He taught me a lot growing up (still does) by the way he lives his life and how he treats people. His integrity intact, his good nature and his heart shine through. Even at 82, his culinary skills are still unmatched:).

My Father-In-Law, Sir Humphrey Elenwoke a seasoned Businessman with 40+ years under his cap. Started trading with little or no formal education. Grew a textile and real estate business from scratch into a sustainable empire and business, one of the wisest people I  am privileged to know. I will never forget his Words of Wisdom and his quotes, especially the one told me while I was planning for my wedding “cut your coat according to your cloth” which simply means plan with what you have. Matter of fact, I am applying some of his tested and trusted principles to my Life & Business and I am Loving it!

Well, this post is not just about them (that is a story for another day) but for all fathers out there especially outstanding ones.

The American society is a bit different in the way men and women are viewed and in the way the roles they play are observed, but I grew up in a society where fathers are viewed as the “Heads” of the family. Strong dominant figures that help their children develop their cognitive skills, their sense of adventure and social development and I would like to view fatherhood that way and raise my son(s )(when I do have them) to be like the father figures in my life.


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Shout out to all the great fathers out there, the Dads that make us proud you all are the real MVPs! and to all the “King Women” out there playing the role of father and mother, I celebrate you also.

What better way to celebrate and appreciate them than with a Gift?

Well here are our TOP FIVE GIFT IDEAS/GIFT SUGGESTIONS  for Fathers Day and for fathers in general.




Picture credit from the Kevin Tool website

My first encounter with the Kelvin Tools for Life was at the event that I attend in February of this year. (we are counting down to August 2018 for the next one). The Kelvin multi-tools are rugged, multifunction handy multi-functional toolkits. Large enough to tackle hundreds of jobs but small enough to fit into your kitchen cabinet. The 3 major Kelvin Tools are the tool.17 (the everyday multitool including Led Flashlight, measuring tape, and carbon steel hammering surface), tool .23 ( the original urban multitool ) and tool. 36( the ultra-urban multitool). This tools will cost you from $25 to about $60 a piece depending on the one you want.



Picture credit from the Mova Globes website
Picture from @thegiftadvisory

I got to view the beauty that is the Mova Globe at the NY Now event as well. No kidding I was mesmerized when I saw it. It looked like magic, the way it rotated so beautiful, unaided with various displays that were educative, calming, captivating.

you can call it “Art in Motion”. It is solar powered and comes in a variety from World maps, to space, custom 3D Art to specialty globes. It is the best combination of Artistry and Science that you get to take home with you. Definitely a great gift or Dad especially a Dads that have everything. Price ranges from about $180 to $300 depending on the one you want.






A boat cruise Picture credit from Cloud9Living
A Luxury race car ride Picture credit from
A Golfing experience

Any father would love an experience like this. Especially if he works so hard and barely has any time to plan a proper adventurous experience. Our favorite go-to experience organizers are Cloud9 Living and they have some amazing experiences planned for fathers day. Like Racing Ferraris & Lamborghinis around world-class courses, getting a PGA pro to teach Dad how to golf for the day or planning a boat cruise. An experience like this starts from about $350 and can go up to $1000 or more. Depending on what you decide on. But there are cheaper experiences not mentioned that are below $100.

Check out all their fathers day offerings  on




Picture Credit from

This work of Art was designed by Klaus Bosch and formerly known as ” Rainbow Vision Sand Pictures”. They are interactive, ever-changing, mesmerizing and versatile art pieces. They are great to work of Art and home decor that evolve with a new creation with each turn.

They are definitely great gifts for Dads and Granddads and are perfect for the desk at home or the office. You can turn the Deep Seas 180° to create mountains, valleys, and dunes. Or, just rotate the Deep Sea to create cascading sands so beautiful. They range from $100 to $500 or even more depending on how big you want them.


Okay, you are on a budget? No problem. Do dads need stockings, boxers, and T-shirts, right? You don’t have to break a bank to get dad a gift. Getting Dad his every day inner wears that he keeps forgetting to replace will make him super happy don’t you think? You can take it up a notch and make some branded T-shirts for him and the rest of your siblings(optional).

Picture credit from @thegiftadvisory
Father Day
Picture credit from Google

Would you buy dad anything from our list? Let us know how it goes. Even if you don’t feel free to share your fathers day shout out or most memorable gifting experience down below.

So Happy Fathers Day Comrade Uluocha, Sir Humprey, my brothers, brother inlaws and all the amazing dads out there especially to all the Dads reading this right now. Y’all Rock!


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