Saturday, January 19, 2019


Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you look….”the song written by Meredith Willson keeps playing on repeat in my head. There is so much activity, Christmas is round the corner.

Today I walked by a Christmas Tree company, there was a massive truck at the entrance, loading trees packaged nicely ready to be delivered😁, you should have seen the excitement on my face, I even made a Snapchat video.

So I am guessing, we all have our Christmas List ready, categorized, who to gift this season, what to gift, when, etc. While some of us are great at gifting some of us still struggle. Those that struggle either just give cash or grab anything in sight. Some even re-gift older gifts that have been laying around their houses for a while.

Yeah, yeah, we know that with gifting, it is usually the “thoughtful thought behind the gift” that counts but it is always a great idea to gift what the recipient will definitely appreciate.

We at The Gift Advisory believe that “Anything can be a Gift”. So with that in mind and with the aim to “delight and excite” your recipient lets try a different approach to gifting; using Love Languages.

The concept of Love Languages is from a book by author Gary Chapman, where he outlines five ways to express and experience love. We are going to be using each of the Love Language to categorize our gifters and gifting patterns this season.
Words of affirmation
This Love Language is about using words to build up your receiver. Everyone loves to be appreciated and commended but some people dwell on words of affirmation. Words like “You are the greatest”, “You are blessed”, “You Rock” goes a long way. But when we talk about gifting, take it up a notch by gifting re-affirming words either spoken directly to them or on tangible items they can hold and reflect on. Mugs, Journals, Plaques, written notes or even DIY a card. I came across the perfect journals for this category today. check them out at

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Giving Gifts

The 2nd Love language by Gary Chapman is for people that Love receiving gifts. For people in this category, any item that comes wrapped in ribbon gives them joy but it is important that we resist the urge to just gift anything. Matter of fact, this is actually a great opportunity to gift something they specifically asked for. If you are not sure, take your time to observe them. Get the children involved, kids are great observers ; What are their hobbies? what do they need?

Giving a gift lover a gift that fits just like a puzzle is a gesture that feels like the perfect icing to the cake and is a win-win for all.
Acts of Service

Everyone loves to be appreciated but not everyone loves to receive a giftbox. Very strange but true, I have met a few people that would pick an “Act of Service” over any gift box. For friends and family in this category, it is still important to observe them closely, identify what they are passionate about, what they like. If they are foodies, you can send bowls of their favorite meal to their house nicely wrapped up in ribbon. You can give a very hardworking, busy friend a treat or a trip to the spa. You can even donate towards their favorite charity on their behalf.
Quality time

Quality time is quality time, gifts you share together. People in this category would pick building memories they can cherish over anything else. For loved ones in this category, gift them experiences; experiences planned with you in it, preferably indoors. You can have a private movie screening, a lovely home service spa event, a dinner experience anything that has you far from technology and your phone and giving the person in front of your undivided attention.
Physical touch

This last category is strictly for Lovers!!! We are talking 50 shades of anything. Intimacy is the perfect gift for anyone in this category but you can still make it exciting and have your touch lingering even when you are not there. This sort of gifts remind me of one of a line off one all time favorite singers, Celine Dion’s song “When I need you, I just close my eyes and I am with you and all that I so want to give you is only a heartbeat away . So gifting a sensual keepsake is guaranteed to keep you top of mind in this category.

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So what is your love language?

Happy Gifting this season!


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