Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Greatest Love…

It has been a while guys, I know and I am sorry for the “break in transmission”. 🤗

A lot has been going on and I can’t wait to share some of it with you guys! I have visited trade shows, attended a few fairs, met loads of exciting people online and offline, handpicked some of the most UnCommon giftable items but to imbibe the Giving Lifestyle, you have to have a Giving & Loving heart.

As we countdown into the month of September, let’s talk about LOVE…

“I’m not a softhearted poet. I’m not a people-pleasing idealist. I live with full-throttle ambition and no shortage of self-interest. I’m impatient and sometimes insecure. I jockey for position, and I like exclusive privileges. I can be judgmental, insensitive, petty and resentful. Oh, and I can be cheap and stingy”.

Does that sound like you? For me most of it maybe not the cheap and stingy part😂.

How do we Love “not cautiously but extravagantly”? How do we remove the “IN from the Sensitive & show kindness especially in our chaotic world today?🤔

We have to Love like Jesus!

Jesus love sees beyond the normal range of human vision — over walls of resentment and barriers of betrayal. When we love like Jesus, we rise above petty demands and snobbish entitlement. We loosen our tightfisted anxiety and learn to relax even when the odds are not in our favor.

I am constantly thinking about how to become a better “christian”, how to be more like Christ and learning to Love like him, how his Ideal model of Love could rub off on my imperfect life.


Some days are better than others but I have learnt, Loving like Jesus is more obtainable than you might imagine.

“To love like Jesus, we need to THINK and FEEL. We need reason and emotion. Both head and heart, working together. It’s the only way to bring perfect love into our imperfect lives”.

From Jesus teachings, steps towards Loving like him:

  1. Become more mindful — less detached.
  2. Become more approachable — less exclusive.
  3. Become more graceful — less judgmental.
  4. Become more bold — less fearful;
  5. Become more self-giving — less self-absorbed.

Easier said than done right? It is always one step at a time!

When we open our heart, love changes our mind.

“If you’re seeking a reasonable love, you’ll miss out on an extraordinary love — that’s not cautious but extravagant. You’ll miss out on the power to find a love you didn’t know you had.”

I’m optimistic about becoming better at loving like Jesus. Because it is the ideal way to Love, it is the greatest Love of all. It isn’t out-of-reach nor relegated to untouchable saints and it is real.

Besides, Jesus gives us practical steps to love in extraordinary ways.

Are they difficult? Of cos Yassss!

Will you and I fail in living them out? Absolutely!, we ain’t perfect you know.

But we shouldn’t be discouraged. “For it’s in our failed attempts that we learn to better travel the most excellent way”.

Besides we can’t give (genuinely) what we don’t have.

Welcome back to the Giftstyle &

Have a Block Buster week ahead!

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Lots of Love,


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Original Write up by Les Parrot, P31 network.

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