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For God Loved the World that he Gave….” – The Bibleworld

When you read that quote what comes to mind? I want you to be as open-minded as you possibly can. For the Lovers in the house, we are familiar with the fiction Romeo & Juliet, not trying to get caught up in the tragic romance, just the overall synopsis where they both die for Love; they gave their heart.

It takes a lot of deep emotion to “Give” something as quality as your most prized possession. In the case of the quote from the Bible, God gave his only son. On the other hand, To “Give” your Life to the extent of dying for Love now that is deep.

Ok back to reality, Lol. I just want us to focus on 2 words “Giving” not just giving but “Quality giving.

When we give; Our time, gifts, our resources and/or whatever it is we give,  do we attach the quality attribute to it or do we just give to check off the box that we have given?

Before you answer that, take a deep breath and think about it for a few minutes…

It is easy to treat giving as something you just want to get out of the way, I know I do sometimes but try to be more intentional with my giving regardless of what it is, especially because whatever I am aware that whatever I give or put out there says a lot about me.

I have slowed down because I want to ensure that whatever I am giving out is a true reflection of me. I haven’t gotten the “giving” lifestyle down packed but I am on my way to “Gifting perfection” LOL. I don’t go to most invited events without anything. I try no matter how little to put something together with all my heart, wrapped with Love :). I am also rubbing off on the people around me especially my husband because he has made it a habit to put a gift together whenever he is invited out. Even when I am not there and that is impressive because that wasn’t always the case :).

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So note to self. Learn to give. Even if you already do, give more. There are lots of ways to give. Don’t just pick up that next chap stick set on sale put some thought into it and give something of quality; something that is sure to make your recipient beam with gratitude.

Let me know how it goes.


Love + Light,








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