Saturday, February 23, 2019

Women HerStory Month!

It is no news that the Month of March is dedicated to Women. We celebrate our History this year with the Theme ” Nevertheless, She Persisted: Honoring Women who Fight All Forms of Discrimination Against Women“.

YES, 15 women will be honored in March 24th in Washington D.C but we are all honorees. Every day, we fight all forms of discrimination in one way or another. We just witnessed the 90th Oscars, but do you know that only SIX women have hosted the Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes without a man co-host since 1929??? Alarming right??  We are not focusing on that today because we are all about celebrating women worldwide :).

Happy International Women’s Day!!!!

This Day started as a March in March of 1908 when the women’s garment workers in protest of their working and living conditions.


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In November 1929, in the provinces of Calabar, Owerri, and Umuahia in South Eastern Nigeria, thousands of Igbo women organized a massive protest against the Chiefs and the British Colonial masters for denying them access to good governance.


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Fast forward to January 2018, Women stood in solidarity with over 250 mass rallies from New York, Washington D.C, Atlanta to the United Kingdom, Japan, Italy with a “Look Back, March Forward” Global theme.


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I do not even have the words to describe the feeling, maybe you can help by filling in the gap. ________________________

One thing is for sure. Women are uniting :). We are standing in solidarity. We are lifting each other up, empowering each-other and holding each other’s hands and that is exhilarating!

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Here are 3 interesting facts about women today.

  • We have more women representation in Politics. Yeah I know we still have a long way to go but the number of female lawmakers and enthusiasts have doubled from last year. in New Jersey, U.S.A women now make up 31% of the New Jersey Legislature ( which is 37 of 120 seats). In Nigeria, History was made when 24 out of the 36 states passed the #nottoyoungtorun bill and now, that gives access to more women especially the young women to run in politics :).





  • Women are increasingly leading the charge against sexual harassment: More than 400 women especially women in the Entertainment industry from Hollywood to Nollywood are campaigning against sexual harassment and domestic violence. initiatives like #timesup, #metoo, and #1in3africa are trending on social media.




  • There are a lot more women Entrepreneurs: Yes it is a fact that most successful female entrepreneurs start their businesses as a 2nd or 3rd profession (Me too!) but over the past 30 years, the number of women entrepreneurs has steadily increased  (A whopping 33%).  I recently just moved back to the United States from Nigeria and I can say for a fact that from my observation and experience, We are taking over! So much energy and enthusiasm, a burst of creativity and innovation even with the limitations especially access to funding.



From Trade shows to conferences, we are showing up and taking charge.




We are always ready to Learn, Un-Learn and re-Learn, multitasking through it all.





Celebrate the women in your Life with these gift ideas.

A cute table pen/tools organizer from Uncommon goods to brighten her workspace


A collection or “Royal” scents from Penhaligon’s London to remind her of the Kingwoman that she is


Some Boss Lady shoes from Sophia Webster because she is the Boss!!!


A  cute “building my empire” wine goblet from The Gift Advisory to keep her going and remind her why she started.


A “Shattered glass ceiling” necklace from Uncommon good as a tribute to all women who have crushed it!



A 3 in 1 (Calendar, 365 Words of Wisdom, Journal) Lifestyle organizer by Oluditit to ensure she stays motivated and gritty every day in the year


A Personalized pre-packaged gift pack that has unique keepsakes that appeal to the 5 sense for that “Go-getter” woman by The Gift Advisory



Some “Must Have books” like the “New York time Women Making History” that documents all the 1st women that made history, “Smart Money Woman” that allows her plan her finances in a fictional novel about an African girls journey to financial freedom, “The 100 best stocks to buy in 2018”, “2018 the year of the Enterpreneur” & definitely an analysis of Jeff Bezos, the Richest Billionaire on Forbes top 10 list.


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Shout out to ALL the WOMEN from across the world especially the BOSS WOMEN making moves and shattering ceilings. 🙂


Love + Light




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