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You, yes I am talking to YOU…


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I stumbled unto this post this morning and I knew I had to repost it because it resonated with me and I knew I just had to share it with you.

There are loads of distractions in our world today especially Social Media being the major ” distractor”. According to an article I read on, nearly 90% of employees check social media even at work even to a point of “digital distraction”.

  In my opinion, social media is like a double-edged sword, its a blessing and a curse. A blessing because of how easy it is to navigate and connect with people across the world. The ability to “slide into someones Direct Message is so cool and a lot of great deals and relationships have sprung from that. Being able to connect with 1 /3rd of the entire world who use social media by just clicking on some buttons is amazing, isn’t it? Definitely a great tool to keep updated on current trend and happenings especially for a someone starting out on a new business idea like I am. Instagram, google and wikipedia are Lifesavers(talking about the candy here)!

It is a curse because it is a psychological addiction. I have never been addicted to any hard drug but I can liken the way the internet pulls me, the super intense craving, the recurring fear of missing out and that need to want to stay connected all the time to any drug addiction. I tried curbing “my addiction” by charging my phone in a different room when I want to go to bed but of cos, when I get up to use the restroom, I am back on the net. I even went as far as downloading an app called ‘forest (stay focused be present). You plant a seed and time yourself. In the time allotted,  you are to stay away from the internet and focus on other “offline” activities that are equally important and need your attention and your seed grows into a tree. But once you go on social media before the time runs out your tree dies. it is a really cool app and you get rewards for it. check it out.

Social Media is also exaggerated and a lot of what we see has been overhyped. Don’t get me wrong, some “masterminds” are doing amazing things. Some have mastered the act of rising above distraction and are great are staying focused on and offline. But there are some of us, who are super smart, are a “work-in-progress” and understand our purpose perfectly. We even have a plan, but it is mostly in our head. We have a mild case of ADD(Attention Deficiency Disorder) and easily get easily get distracted and discouraged, what happens to us? how do we keep ourselves back on track and focus back on what is important? How do we focus enough to attain our fullest potentials and keep our eyes on the price regardless of the buzz and happenings within and around us?

As a kid I used to run track. I remember starting off with my eyes ahead looking towards the finish line, then I set off heading towards it, starting off really good but then I’d get distracted by looking around me and I’d end up 2nd or 3rd instead of 1st.

There are loads of activities to get “us” re-focused. Away from all the distraction that can easily turn to envy and discouragement and towards unleashing the “YOU” that you are meant to be! Of cos, we have to learn to discipline ourselves enough to set limits and time ourselves. I use my app to organize my daily and weekly activities. I also believe in re-affirmation. It doesn’t always work but most times it does, I try to stay positive, speak positively, call out the things I hope to achieve and work towards achieving them.


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The goal is to do it with this with little or no distraction online and offline.

Let us start by trying this 7 Minute Morning Routine thanks to simpletivity.



Here are my responses to the 7 minute Routine for the day which I will adopt for the week! 

Step 1: What am I most grateful for? My Supportive Family, my creative and imaginative mind, my husband that challenges me to be better.

Step 2: What am I feeling excited about right now? The Gift Advisory next step ideas, The opportunities that about, The beginning of this new week and the endless possibilities, my family.

Step 3: What am I feeling worried about right now? Low online/offline interactions with people that matter, so much “to-do” bugging my headspace, my PCOS and staying consistent with my wellness journey.

Step 4: What am I  going to do about the issues worrying me right now? Pray about them again, Write them down, categorize them and log them into my phone app ( with deadlines), and of cos start crossing them out.

Step 5: Who needs to hear from me today? The Dermatologist to schedule a much needed appointment, my graphics guy(David), my digital marketing guy (David), my dear sisters ( Kasi and Queen),  my social media followers and anyone out there that finds what I have to say valuable.

Just doing this exercise has been therapeutic for me. Do you agree? Do you get that same vibe?

I feel better and charged up for the week! I can feel the dopamine kicking in. Yes so its your turn.

So cheers to continuing on the race with with a renewed focus and a renewed mindset to improve the current you and evolve into the YOU that you are meant to be. 

Let me know how your journey goes,  feel free to drop a line or send me a message about your progress. 



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